Service & Support

Here are a selection of the services that we have available.  You may need one, many, or all, or you may need something else completely and need only ask. If it is something we do not provide we will definitely know someone who can.

Assessment & Evaluation

We offer assessments and evaluations of your business needs. We then align our recommendations to your business strategies while making sure they are efficient, cost effective and will improve productivity for all employees.

Device Management

We  support, deploy and offer mobile device management for all your desktop, laptop and iOS devices. From security and usage policies, to making sure each employee has the software and apps they need, we help maintain an inventory of your technology assets.

Locally Sourced

We offer IT managed services for any business using Apple technologies in the GTA. We provide an in-house IT experience with proactive support and maintenance, but in an out-sourced way that we call LOCALLY SOURCED.

Email & Collaboration

Whether you need help deciding, want recommendations, or are frustrated and need support, we can help. We can make the selection or use of the right email platform, and most suitable online storage, syncing and collaboration tool for your business simple not complex.


We can assess, upgrade, manage or install and optimize your network, both wired and wireless. This extends to recommending, configuring and supporting security and firewall devices to protect you business and data.

Software & Applications

We offer support for macOS and iOS, iCloud and also for the range of software applications available from Adobe, Filemaker, Google as well as the growing number of online platforms. And if we don't have the immediate answer we know someone who does. So ask us anything.

Contact Us

We are your best choice for LOCALLY SOURCED Apple based IT service, support and consulting. We offer support for anyone using Apple technology in the Greater Toronto Area. We will also work with those a little further afield. 


Get in touch by whichever method most suits your need, urgence and comfort.

Let us help make sense of the complex and allow you to get back to doing what you do best.

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